About Us

About Us

When you get home from a hard day‘s work you want to be welcomed by a tidy and sparklingly clean home, but for many people that’s just a dream. Their reality is to finish their hard day at work and then commit extra time to a load of cleaning chores.

mint. is committed to making your dream come true! When we finish cleaning and carefully close the door of your home we leave behind what we call the WOW!! factor.

We want you to open your door when you arrive back home and release a satisfied sigh (or yell, or cry, or cheer) and say: WOW!! what a great job our mint. cleaners have done.

If that’s the reaction that we get then then we know that we’ve done our job and you can spend more of your precious time doing the things that YOU want to do.

We could detail just how we do this, how we train our cleaners, how we use carefully chosen materials and equipment, how we diligently monitor our interactions with our customers from their first contact with us, but when it’s all said and done, it’s really the WOW!! factor that tells us if it’s all been worthwhile.

If we’re cleaning your offices the WOW!! factor still applies. When you arrive at work and sit at your desk or visit the washroom we want you to go WOW!! at the standard of hygiene and cleanliness that we’ve been able to bring to your offices.

So, come and enjoy the WOW!! factor from mint. Cleaning Services; including mint. Home Cleaning; mint. Commercial Cleaning; mint. Carpet Cleaning and mint. URGENT! Cleaning.