Exterior Building Cleaning

mint. Commercial Cleaning has a team with expertise in interior and exterior building care, interior and exterior glass cleaning, deck and driveway cleaning. We use equipment and cleaning products safely, minimising the risk of accidents, ensuring your property is well cared for, and that there is protection of the environment.

Why You Should Use mint. for Your Next Exterior Clean

Highly Trained & Expert Crew
Our cleaning team is trained and experienced in tackling even the toughest jobs. Not surprisingly, insurers give us jobs that others have failed at because of these qualities.

Soft Wash Technology
We use a low-pressure "soft wash and scrub" system to gently clean a variety of surfaces without damage.

Fully Insured
We are fully insured for your peace of mind.

Surface Treatments
There are times when we recommend treating a surface rather than washing it. This can be because the surface is very delicate, or the area is difficult to wash because of its location on the building and can only be completed with scaffolding or lifting machinery which is costly. Treating a surface with a biocide and allowing nature to do the rest is an economic way to proceed.
Our team can give you expert advice on how to proceed in these circumstances.

Window Cleaning

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Whether it’s a residential home or a commercial building, clean windows contribute significantly to the overall appearance of your property. The mint. glass cleaning service can enhance street appeal and create a welcoming atmosphere.

mint. boasts a team who are experts in residential and commercial window cleaning. The mint. team is well-trained to handle various types of windows and glass surfaces, ensuring a flawless and spotless finish. We are equipped with the latest “ultra-filtered” pure water system. Industry-standard safety gear ensures the well-being of our team members and the protection of your property during window cleaning. Where possible, we will work from ground level and can reach up to 3 storeys depending on building obstructions.

At mint., we understand that your time is valuable. Our team is highly efficient, completing window cleaning projects promptly and allowing you to focus on other important tasks.

mint. recommends regular window cleaning as this can help prolong the life of your windows by preventing the build-up of dirt and other elements that can lead to damage.

Please be aware that unfortunately we can’t return scratched or damaged glass back to new condition.

House & Building Washing

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Cleaning your house exterior is one of the most visually appealing things you can do to your home. It is incredible what your house will look like after proper washing. Many people have us wash their house top to bottom every year, and it is always amazing how clean your home can get or perhaps how easily it gets dirty! Removing dust, grime, and other pollutants allows the surface to last longer, whether that is paint, stain, natural timbers, bricks, or stone. You can prevent damage to your home’s exterior, paint, and other materials by removing harmful substances. This can save you money on costly repairs in the long run.

Houses and buildings all have different exteriors. With traditional pressure washing, the harder spray causes bits of paint to peel off and pieces of concrete, stone, or brick to chip away. mint.’s “soft wash and scrub” treats your building more gently as a softer spray produces less damage, leaving your home spotless and damage free.

mint. offers an expert service at an affordable price! Why waste hundreds of dollars on equipment, spend all your weekend for a mediocre do-it-yourself job when mint. can get the job done right for you? Our state-of-the-art technology combined with our years of experience means you’ll always be getting the best.

mint. “soft wash and scrub” prevents damage to your home or building; a lighter spray means less paint peels and chips.

Water Blasting, Water Pressure Cleaning, Driveway Cleaning

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A clean driveway significantly enhances the overall look of your property. Whether it’s a residential or commercial space, our cleaning services contribute to a positive first impression.

Cleaning driveways can be a time-consuming task and for some it leads to more work due to uneven results. At mint., we complete driveway cleaning projects efficiently, allowing you to save time and effort all the while getting a mint. result. We achieve this by using modern equipment and specialised environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions to effectively remove oil stains, mould, mildew, lichen, dirt, and even paint from driveways.

Where possible we use circular brushes to give a streak-free, uniform look to your driveway and parking areas. Regular driveway maintenance by mint. helps extend the lifespan of your driveway by preventing the accumulation of harmful substances that can cause deterioration of various surfaces, including concrete, asphalt, pavers, and more.

Before & After

Glass Blinds Before

Glass Blinds Before

Glass Blinds After

Glass Blinds After