Frequently Asked Questions


Are your cleaners insured?

All of our cleaners are fully insured; their vehicles are insured and they have $2,000,000 worth of Public Liability insurance and $500,000 of Statutory Liability insurance. The insurance covers them for the part of your home that they are working on and also for faulty workmanship.

Are your cleaners security checked?

All of our franchisee cleaners and employees who are engaged in cleaning processes are fully checked. They are triple checked. Any criminal history is checked via the Ministry of Justice, their driving record is checked via the NZ Transport Agency and they are credit checked and credit rated using Vedascore Plus.

Can your cleaners use my cleaning products?

The cleaning products that we use have been carefully chosen based on considerable experience in cleaning homes. In addition these products are part of the mint. Cleaning Services system and are automatically accepted by our insurance company should there be a claim for damage resulting from their use. Using a customer’s products can “muddy the waters” should there be an insurance claim. Nevertheless, it is your home, not ours, so we will use any cleaning products that our customers specify, providing they do not represent a Health and Safety risk.

Do your cleaners bring their own equipment?

Yes, we bring our own equipment to your home. All our equipment has been carefully chosen to complete the required cleaning tasks efficiently.

Do you offer free quotes?

No matter if you are one of our regular customers or someone who has never tried us before you will receive a free quotation with a detailed specification attached to it so that you know how much we are going to charge and what we are going to do.

Do you remove mould and fly-spots on walls and ceilings?

Yes, we do, but we will normally ask you to sign a “Paint Waiver” as, depending on how long the mould and/or fly-spots have been there, any form of washing can damage paintwork. We can usually tell you how serious the mould or fly-spot problem is, but we can’t know how good the paintwork is.

What sort of materials do your cleaners use? Are they environmentally friendly?

Our main supplier of cleaning products is GreenEarth Solutions. All of their products are non-toxic and environmentally safe. These are supplemented with products from Advance International which supply products such as Exit Mould and Ranger oven cleaner. On any stain we tend to start with the least harsh treatment and only increase the aggressiveness of the clean and cleaning products if less-aggressive treatments do not work.

Do your cleaners own their own business?

Most of our cleaners are franchisees and therefore operate their own businesses under a license or agreement from the franchisor company. We also have a small team of employees to enable us to react swiftly to more urgent and unscheduled cleaning requirements. Our Commercial Cleaning Division includes both franchisees and employees.

How long has your cleaning business been operating?

Integra Management Limited (the franchisor for mint. Cleaning Services) has been operating as franchisor for more than 17 years. One of our franchisees has been with us from the start and many have been working with us for more than 5 years.

Which parts of Auckland do you cover?

We cover from Warkworth in the North to Piha in the West to Bucklands Beach in the East and Drury in the South.

Do you do carpet cleaning?

Yes, we have a franchisee with specialist carpet-cleaning equipment and our Commercial Cleaning Division also offers a Carpet Cleaning service.

Do we get the same cleaners every week for regular cleaning?

Yes, except in very unusual circumstances, the cleaners to whom you are introduced for your first clean will be “your” cleaners from then on. The major reason for changing those cleaners for other cleaners is that you have requested it.

What is a deep clean?

A deep clean is a clean where just about everything that can be cleaned is cleaned; the inside of the fridge, the inside of the oven, architraves, skirting boards, windows, window frames……if it isn’t moving it gets cleaned!

Do you have a Health and Safety Policy?

Our Health & Safety Policy is stressed in induction and training and has its own chapter in our Franchisee Manual. Our H & S Policy statement is:
mint. Cleaning Services undertakes to ensure that all employees and franchisees remain healthy and safe in their working environment”.

Do you take credit cards?

Yes and No. Our recommended payment option for regular and “one-off” cleaning is a Direct Credit via Internet Banking. For “one-off” jobs an invoice will be emailed soon after the job has been completed and this can be used to process payment by Direct Credit. In the case of “one-off” cleans we may ask for the complete details of your Credit or Debit card as a method of payment insurance for customers with whom we have not previously dealt.

What have you done to react to COVID-19?

All of our franchisees and employees have been through a specific COVID-19 Safety Briefing which was held on an individual basis and for which they were certificated.

  • We have also developed a number of Safety Plans to cover various cleaning situations. These Safety Plans were based on WorkSafe templates.
  • As part of the Personal Hygiene aspect of our Safety Briefing we supplied cleaners with self-sanitisers and also supplied them with GreenEarth “No-Rinse” sanitising products to use in customers’ homes on all hard surfaces, such as kitchen benches, bathroom vanities, door handles and switches.
  • We supported one of our franchisees in the purchase of a fogging machine that can lay a sanitising coating over all surfaces in a room, home or office. The coating is invisible and the process is about $3.00 per square metre. Though it is extremely effective it’s cost tends to restrict its’ use to “sensitive” or “vulnerable” households.

Do you clean windows inside and outside?

We clean windows inside, but our Home Cleaners do have some restrictions in that we use 3 step ladders so will have some difficulty in cleaning dormer windows or clerestory windows. Our Home Cleaners do clean windows outside using a hose, a brush and a “squeegee”, but for a more complete window cleaning experience, using the latest technology we recommend our Exterior Building Cleaning detailed on this website.

Can you wash houses outside?

Yes, we have a fully-equipped, fully-trained exterior house and commercial building cleaning service, detailed in the Building Cleaning section of this website.

How do I know that your cleaners won’t cross-contaminate, particularly from the toilet to the kitchen?

Our cleaning system uses colour-coded cleaning materials and, more importantly, colour-coded microfibre cleaning cloths to ensure that this does not happen. Blue and white cloths may be seen in any room in the house, but you should only see Green cloths in the kitchen, Pink cloths in the bathroom and Yellow cloths in the toilet.

How do I pay for my cleaning?

We advocate that the payment be made on the day in which the cleaning service is performed and by Direct Credit to the nominated account on the invoice. However, the customer does have the right to negotiate terms of trade, especially repeat or commercial customers.

Do you clean at the week-end?

We will normally supply a cleaning service on Saturday, but cleaning on Sunday is restricted and so needs to be specified at the time of quotation.